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I'll fly into AMS from Detroit on Delta. Scheduled arrival into AMS is at 8:10am. I have a complete separate ticket on Tarom to Bucharest departing =- 3.4hrs later at 11:50am.

Will I have to pick my luggage at baggage claim in AMS and recheck it at Schipol upstairs? Any chance that I can check my bags on 2 separate tickets to Bucharest direclty from my US departing airport since both are SkyTeam airlines?
Yes, that should be enough time. There is a chance, so it doesn't hurt to ask the agent in Detroit if they can check your bag through to Tarom.
Hi, I have two separate reservations. I arrive from Istanbul to Amsterdam at 8:30 am. I have to collect my luggage and then go to my next flight from Amsterdam to Vancouver at 10:30 am. I have to check in again Is 2 hours enough to catch my second flight? Thanks
I am Indian have Mexican visa. I am traveling from Mexico to New Delhi. From Mexico to Amsterdam I have Aeromexico and from Amsterdam to New Delhi jet airways. I have to collect my baggage and recheck in for jet airways so do I need to pass immigration in Amsterdam? Kindly help me
Yes, to collect your baggage you will have to go through Immigration in Amsterdam and will therefore need a full Schengen Transit visa issued by the Netherlands.
Flying from GSP in SC, stopover in Atlanta , stopover in Amsterdam, to Budapest via Delta/KLM. What are immigration and customs procedures; will our check-in luggage go directly to Budapest?
In Amsterdam you just go through passport control and to your departure gate. You don't have to do anything with your bags.
I'm currently flying Toronto to Warsaw with a layover in AMS. Going Toronto to AMS is Jet Airways, and AMS to to Warsaw is LOT. The layover is only 1 hour and 20 minutes. I'm worried this is not enough time to make the connection, should I look at rebooking?
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we planned to fly from Hyderabad, India to Georgetown, Guyana, South America
my travel agent in Guyana booked tickets as mentioned :
from Hyderabad to Amsterdam (via Muscat )by Oman Air, Oman Air (KLM operated) and
TUI Fly from Amsterdam to Curacao and
Insel Air from Curacao to Georgetown, Guyana.

But, the staff of Oman Air, Hyderabad Airport objected and refused to take journey, and verbally advised there is a requirement of Visa at Netherlands, because there is NO Agreement with connecting flight at Amsterdam.

Please advice me

Sir, please guide and how to get refund ticket cost also please guide us
Yes, if you are an Indian Citizen you will need a visa to transit the Netherlands with that reservation. Your travel agent shouldn't have booked it unless you got a visa.
sir, who will return/ refund money, I have paid USD 8,040/- for tickets, it is a big amount for me, The travel agent booked on behalf airline, if tickets are wrong, the company website should not allow reservation and printing of confirmed tickets. Now, the agent is telling I am not responsible, I will try for refund from airlines but till date it was not settled. Please guide us
I am travelling from Mumbai to Amsterdam on Jet Airways and Amsterdam to St. Maarten on KLM. I bought separate tickets for the journey. The connection time/ Layover is exactly 24 hours and hence booked a cabin with Yotel for overnight stay. However, what I understand is I would need to collect my check-in bags at the belt and re-check them again since the time between the flights is more than 12 hours. My concern is would I need a transit visa for this procedure? I hold Indian Passport and a Visa for St. Maarten. Or is there any other solution to this? Can Transfer Desk at Schipol Airport where I will go to collect the Boarding Pass for next flight help check-in the luggage?
I have a connection of 4 hours in Amsterdam - arrive on Delta, then depart KLM to Cape Town. Will I need to clear customs in Amsterdam, collect luggage and re-check at KLM or just go through passport control?
You don't have to do anything with your baggage or go through passport control since you aren't even entering the Schengen Area.
How much trouble is it to claim luggage then go thru security at AMS
It's a fair amount of trouble. you'd need at LEAST 2 hours for such a transfer.
I'm travelling from the UK to Atlanta Via Amsterdam. I have a 1hr and 20 minutes in Amsterdam. My flight from the UK to AMS is KLM and my flight from AMS to ATL is Delta but they were booked together from Delta. Will this be enough time to make my second flight? Will I have to recheck my checked baggage in AMS? Will I have to go through any security controls or can I just go from Arrival gate to Departure gate without having to recheck my baggage etc? Also I don't think I do but do I require any type of visa for transferring via AMS (I have an ESTA for going to the US) Because the laws have changed the information online is very confusing. Thank you for your time.
You don't have to do anything with your bags in Amsterdam, You just have to go through US Security questions and to your departure gate. If you are a UK Citizen you do not need anything other than ESTA to visit the United states and you do not need a visa to enter the Schengen Area. Nothing regarding this has changed in the last 10 years or so.
Actually, to be fair, the Amsterdam Airport has changed a bit recently, by switching to centralized security.