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If I use an airport ATM, is there a currency exchange fee charged to get Euros?
I would like to know at what terminal does Iceland Air Flight number FI836 arrives
I would like to know whether October Second week is a busy season for flights from Amsterdam to Seattle,USA ?
I would like to know whether October Second week is a busy season for flights from Amsterdam to Seattle,USA ?
Amsterdam Menzies Executive Lounge. Hi does anyone know, if travelling by Etihad Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi which of the two Menzies Executive Lounges are closer to the gate: Lounge 26 beginning of gate D 2nd floor or Lounge 41 between gate D / E 2nd floor ?
I'm flying to AMS from Atlanta on the 27th of July where I am to met by a friend whom told me I do not have to go through the security but go straight to baggage area,this doesn't sound quite right to me so my question is once my plane lands where do I need to go to first then what's the process to go meet up with my friend?
There is no security when you arrive. You will go through Schengen Entry passport control and then to the baggage claim.
My wife and I will be flying home to the United States on Sunday, June 25 on a KLM flight at 12:45pm. How much time should we allow to check-in and accomplish security processing? Thank you very much.
I would arrive at the airport by at least 10:30 AM, maybe earlier.
Many thanks for your assistance!
Flying from AMS to Edinburgh on July 6 on City Hopper flight. Travelling with someone in business class so he gets expedited security and check -in I believe. I am in coach. Will they allow me to go through with him and if not, realistically how long should it take to get to gate. I have heard horror stories about AMS but my friend isn't concerned because of the Sky Priority path.
I have 2 hours 10 minutes for a transfer from one airline to another. If my first flight is delayed and I haven't time to get my luggage (but I personally get to my next flight without my luggage), is there any service with an additional charge who sends my luggage after me?
How much time do I need to transfer from a flight Italy-AMS (Transavia) to a flight AMS-Helsinki (Norwegian) in July? I understand that I have to transfer my luggage myself and go through the security control.
I would want at least 2 hours because of the baggage.