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Is there a ticket office in the airport and where is it located? Can online vouchers be redeemed there?
Hi, we'll arrive 7:15 a.m. on sunday with luggage. At what time should we book a train ticket on the earlier of the time (European resident)
Hi! I'm planning a visit and wanted to buy my train tickets in advance for Thalys. My Delta flight from New York gets into AMS at 7:30 AM on a Monday morning. I'm looking to take the Thalys to Paris. My question is: would I be able to make the 9:34 AM train or is 2 hours not enough time to transfer in the airport? If my flight is delayed - what options will I have if I have purchased that ticket?
Yes, that should be enough time. If you miss your train you have to pay the walk up fare for a new ticket if you bought a nonrefundable Thalys ticket.
I am flying from Seattle WA direct to Frankfurt and then on to AMS on Lufthansa. Will I need to go thru customs and immigration in Frankfurt or AMS or both. And then I have only 1hr 45 to catch my train. Is this enough time?
You will go through passport control in Frankfurt, you will technically go through customs in Amsterdam but it takes zero time. You have enough time.
Hi. I will be arriving in a delta airlines flight from Detroit on June 26 and I am wondering where the IBIS hotel near the airport pick up shuttle is located? Thank you
I will be arriving to Amsterdam (from Helsinki) on July first at 19:45 with KLM, the last train from the airport to Brussels will depart at 20:33, Do you think I will make it, will be the time enough or is it better to stay one night near the airport and take the first train in the morning?

Thanks for your help
Unless your incoming flight is late, you should be able get your train connection. (Train station is at Basement level, follow signs). I suggest you buy your train ticket online so as to save time. You can also buy your ticket at the NS Hispeed website for Thalys, ICE Iternational, CityNightLine & Eurostar (you will receive your ticket by e-mail & payment is on a secure site).
I will fly into AMS arriving at 19:20 (7:20pm). I need to schedule a shuttle to my hotel. How much time do I need to leave to collect my bags and clear custome?
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