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I will be arriving in AMS via Delta at 8:30 AM with 1 checked bag. I will then need to exit security and check my bag on a SAS flight to CPH. The CPH flight leaves at 10:05 AM. Is this going to be enough time to grab my bag, check it with SAS, and make it through security and to my gate? I assume I will be running the whole time..
That will be very difficult. i really recommend trying to do it without a checked bag if you can.
Hi, I will be traveling from Portland to Paris via Amsterdam. I have about 5 hours layover and planning to go to Centraal Station. Is that enough time? Would I need to pick up my checked in bags in Amsterdam and then check in again to the Paris flight even though I have single ticket to Paris.

You won't have to claim your bags in Amsterdam. however, you also don't really have enough time to do anything worthwhile there either.
I am arriving on a United flight from SFO - Wash. DC, and departing on a Delta flight to Kilamanjaro. I will not be able to print a boarding pass before I leave. Can I get a boarding pass at a kiosk upon arrival, and do I have to go through customs, if I am not exiting the airport? I was told I had to go to the Delta Desk, which seems ridiculous.
You can get your KLM boarding pass at the KLM transfer desk in Amsterdam without going through Passport Control. If you are flying Delta from IAD, then yes you will have to exit the airport in IAD to get your boarding passes to Amsterdam and Kilimanjaro there.
Thank you... I have never been to the Amsterdam airport, and time is a factor
I've got 45 minutes transfer time from a flight from Stockholm to Schipol and the Schipol Cardiff, I'm nervous I won't make the connecting flight to Cardiff. I'm flying with KLM on all flights. Any tips?? Thanks
That is just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
We will be arriving from stockholm on KLM and have 1hr 10 min. layover for our KLM flight to San Francisco, CA USA. How much walking between terminals is there and do you have a people mover of some sort
Amsterdam only has one terminal. You don't need a people mover. You have enough time.
Flying KLM from Delhi to AMS arriving at 8:30am. Connecting flight to Portland, USA at 9:55a on Delta. Connection time of 1hr 25 mins. This will be on a single reservation. Is that enough to deplane, to through security questions and board the flight?
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
We fly from FLR to AMS (via KLM), then from AMS to Portland, OR (PDX) (via Delta) The flight schedule has changed (we originally had 1hr 15 min for connecting flight). Now we are down to 55 minutes to make our connecting flight. Will that be sufficient time coming back to the U.S.?
BTW: it looks like our flight from FLR is a cityhopper flight... I don't know if that makes any difference or not, but if it does I thought I would add that extra bit of information.
It's just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Traveling New York to Amsterdam. The return will be Basel Switzerland to Amsterdam to New York. I only have an hour and a half on my connection on return when I get to Amsterdam from Basel, will that be enough time to get my flight to New York?
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hi We are coming on on Delta #178 from Portland, Oregon USA arriving at 8:30 a.m. then on to Stavanger leaving at 10 a.m. on #9308. Will we need to pick up our bags and go through customs or will we do that in Norway? When will we know which gates we will arrive and depart from? So far I have seen E or D arrivals going out on B. Thank you for assistance! Krista
You will go through Schengen Entry passport control in Amsterdam but nothing with your bags. You won't know your gates until the day of your flight.
My daughter is flying on Icelandair from Seattle to AMS (through Keflavik). She then catches an Easyjet flight to Toulouse, France. She arrives at AMS at 12:40 pm, departs on Easyjet at 4:50 pm. She'll have one checked bag. What will the process be at AMS? Is her connection time adequate? Thank you.
She will collect her bag from Icelandair, check it with Easyjet and go through security. she has plenty of time.