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I am so confused. We will be on a US flight from DTW (Delta) traveling to EDI as a final destination, ticketed on Delta/KLM. Checked bags will go through to EDI as per normal? We must go through additional screening and passport presentation prior to going to our departure gate?
We are searching for the best exchange rate, for U.S. dollars to euros, for an upcoming trip to Europe. Can you tell me the current rate so I can compare to a U.S. bank?
Thank you!
Traveling from Greenbay to glasgow do i need to pick up luggage at amsgerdam ???????
I am traveling from the U.S. to Nairobi , Kenya with a 7 hours layover in Amsterdam (Delta and KLM) . I want to leave the airport to see the city ...

- Do I have to claim and recheck my bags or will the bags be check through to Nairobi (this is all one itinerary)

- Do I need a visa to leave the airport ?
Arriving from Budapest to AMS. Have flight to U.S. What checkpoints or procedures do we have to go through to get to our U.S. flight gate?
I'm flying with Delta to Amsterdam as my final destination from the United States. Once my plane lands do I go directly to the baggage area then meet my friend or where do I go? This is my first time flying to Europe.Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Traveling on single ticket booked with Delta/KLM with one hour fifteen minute connection time at AMS. Do we exit plane and go direct to our connecting flight w/o dealing w/immigration and customs and is this enough time?
My flight is from US to Turkey. My question is that do I need to pick up my luggage in Amsterdam regarding security regulation of luggage
If both flights are on the same reservation then all you have to do in Amsterdam is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
This is my first flight outside of the U.S , I'll be flying on Delta direct flight from U.S.A to Amsterdam but I'm not sure where to go once my plane lands. A friend is to meet at AMS but as of this moment my landing gate has not been given.So my question is once landing where do I go?
I was told that I do not go to the passport desk but just baggage area. I'm now very confused...
You won't find out your arrival gate until the day of your flight. If you are ending your trip in Amsterdam you just follow signs to baggage claim/ ground transportation/exit. You will go through Schengen Entry Passport Control in order to access the baggage claim.
Thank you for the clarification. So I just get off the plane and head to the Delta arrival baggage area?