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Safety This pages provides information on the Antwerp Airport safety policy and documents to help improve safety: airside traffic regulations bird hazard report form

Safety policy The airport authority has developed a declaration with regard to the safety policy of Antwerp Airport.

Antwerp Airport wishes to maintain and improve the level of safety. That is why: • the airport management will develop and maintain a culture of safety;
• the airport management awards the highest priority to achieving (aviation) safety;
• it performs the necessary inspections and maintains and improves the infrastructure in keeping with the latest available technologies;
• it participates actively in the activities of the airport’s safety committee (RITA) and its working groups;
• it tries to minimise the risk of accidents to the lowest practicable level; to this end risk analyses are performed and the necessary procedures are drafted, evaluated and, if necessary, adjusted; 
• it trains its staff in complying with all safety measures and in performing inspections;
• it monitors compliance with the applicable safety standards and regulations by concessionaires on the airport and by contracted companies, such as suppliers, service industries and (sub)contractors;
• it sets realistic goals to be reached in the field of safety.
Antwerp, August 2008 Eddy Cleirbaut
Airport commander

Safety Management The scheme available for download indicates the different functions and reporting lines in the Safety Management at Antwerp Airport. Contact details are available in the section "About us - contact".

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