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Baggage Claim at Santiago Arturo Benitez SCL Airport

Baggage Carts / Skycap at Santiago Arturo Benitez SCL Airport

Security at Santiago Arturo Benitez SCL Airport

If you are traveling abroad, arrive at the airport at least 2.5 hours in advance. If you are traveling within national boundaries, arrive at least 1.5 hours in advance. Inquire prior to departure as to the required documentation you need to leave the country. Visit or contact the International Police.
Parents traveling with children must present additional documentation (family record book, birth certificate, notarized authorization, etc.)

Do not carry sharp, pointed objects in your handbag.

If you are traveling to EE. UU. or Europe, you can carry with you up to 100 ml of liquids (including creams, gels and sprays, not including babies food or juices, and medicine on doctor�s orders labeled with the passengers name) at the moment of checking your hand luggage in DGAC control points. Liquid amounts greater than those allowed must be carried inside the luggage, or otherwise they are going to be confiscated.

Avoid wearing clothes with metallic embedded objects, for they can activate the departing lounges detectors.

Do not to bring organic food into the country, such as fruits and vegetables.

As a security measure, use only the Airport�s authorized transportation

Helpful Numbers:
Internacional Police - Tel: (56 - 2) 690 10 10; or visit
Carabineros (Airport Police) - Tel: (56 - 2) 601 91 49 or (56 - 2) 601 92 95; or visit

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