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ATH Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Main terminal--can anyone help?
hello all , can you tell me how close each of these are in the airport , we arrive from Mykonos with Olympic our flight arrives at 7;25 am , then we have to get next flight to Amsterdam at 8:30 am flying by Aegean . how close are these landing and taking off locations in the airport . and does anyone know will they transfer luggage or do we have to collect luggage and re check for next flight .
Hi, I will fly with LH 1750 from Munich to Athen (Sept. 16th, arrival 12:10) and than have a domestic connecting flight to Paros (Olympic Air OA064, departure 13:45). I would like to know if I have to change terminal in Athen and where do I have to go after arrival in Athen? Thank you very much and kind regards Helmut
I fly from New York arriving in Athens airport, I must go thru customs and connecting flight is to Rhodes booked by Olympic air, but traveling on Aegean air aircraft...where do I get this domestic flight?
If I have a WIZZ AIR flight from Bucharest (OTP) arriving at 22:25, is it possible to make a connection to a RYANAIR flight to Santorini leaving at 23:15? Carry-on bags only, we can move fast if we need to.

In other words: OTP - ATH 22:25, then 23:15 ATH - JTR. 50 minutes...can I make it? Cast your votes ;)
Hi! I arrive to Athens from Rhodos on monday at 7.40 (with Olimpic Air), then I have another flight to Bologna with Ryanair at 9.35, is it possible to make it on time? I travel only with a hand baggage.

Booking a flight from Zakynthos - Mykonos, with 1 hour 40 minute layover in Athens. These are different airlines and we will need to pick up a checked bag and re-check it in with new airline. Is 1 hour and 40 minutes enough of a layover time to make connecting flight?

Thank you
Coming from Santorini, what terminal will be arrive at?
Where do we pick up luggage from Santorini flight (Aegean Air)?
How long does it take for luggage to arrive from plane?
For an international flight, where do we recheck luggage?
Do we have to go through security again?
What terminal do we depart from? How long will it take to get there?
At what terminal do international flights viz Etiihad arrive.? From what terminal does Aegean depart for Thira Santorini?
What flights leave or depart from the satellite buildingand where would be a good place to meet for travellers arriving from different countries flying on to a greek isle
You could take the escalator or elevator down to underground tunnel leading to the Main Terminal's arrivals leel; meeting at the Information desk.