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ATH Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I will be arriving at the Athens Venizelos airport (ATH) from the USA on Air Canada flight CA1900 and departing for Lanarca, Cyprus on Olympic Air (operated by Aegean Airlines) flight OA904.. Does this mean I will arrive at the main terminal and depart from the satellite terminal?
I will fly with from Prague Aegean (flight A3 867) to Athens at 20, 30. And at 21, 15 I continue with Olympis Air to Rhodes (flight number 7218) I'm afraid I will miss a flight to Rhodes. How far is the flight gate to Rhodes? Are there international and domestic flights in one terminal? Milada
Our flight lands at 11.20hrs. Norwegian airlines. Departure to Naxos with Sky express is 12.30hrs. Do we have enough time to collect luggage and check in?
I will be arriving from Milos on Sky Express at 11:40am with a connecting flight to Venice on Austrian Air or Lufthansa at 2:35pm. Will I have enough time to make the transfer?
We’re flying Violeta from Santorini, arriving at 810 AM at ATH on a Monday. Our Turkish Air flight departs at 1010 AM. Is this sufficient time to transfer? They are separate tickets, and we don’t have checked luggage. We’re US citizens. Thank you in advance!!
Main terminal--can anyone help?
I fly from New York arriving in Athens airport, I must go thru customs and connecting flight is to Rhodes booked by Olympic air, but traveling on Aegean air aircraft...where do I get this domestic flight?
Hi! I arrive to Athens from Rhodos on monday at 7.40 (with Olimpic Air), then I have another flight to Bologna with Ryanair at 9.35, is it possible to make it on time? I travel only with a hand baggage.

Booking a flight from Zakynthos - Mykonos, with 1 hour 40 minute layover in Athens. These are different airlines and we will need to pick up a checked bag and re-check it in with new airline. Is 1 hour and 40 minutes enough of a layover time to make connecting flight?

Thank you
At what terminal do international flights viz Etiihad arrive.? From what terminal does Aegean depart for Thira Santorini?