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ACY Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I have 45 min from landing in atl from Vps to catch my connecting flight to UK. Is this long enough?
Note that you posted this in the forum for the Atlantic City Airport (ACY) which is a small airport in New Jersey. You are connecting in Atlanta. Yes, your connection is long enough as long as your flight from VPS is on-time. All concourses in Atlanta are connected inside security by the plane train and all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I only have 50 minutes between flights. I arrive at gate C and leave on gate A. Is it possible to arrive on time. Can you walk between gates.
The upper level of ACY is divided into gates 1-6 (left) and 7-10 (right). ACY has no C & A gates. Look for directional signs to your connecting gate. You have enough time!
What airport are you asking this about? You posted it on the page of the Atlantic City airport, which only has one concourse.