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How would a person with limited mobility (not wheelchair bound, but trouble walking long distances) get assistance to their departure gate?
If my flight arrives at 6:15 on a weekday (Thursday,) how long can I expect baggage claim to take? Approximately how long would it take for me to depart plane, get bags, and be on the curb ready for transport? Thank you!
Is there a USO lounge at Austin Bergstrom airport?
In all my flights in and out of ABIA I’ve never seen a Skycsp... are there any that work the ABIA baggage area?
I lost or left my phone universal powerhouse charger hooked by the window electrical outlet in front of the restroom by gate 16 at Austin airport. If found , please call me at 414 526 5008
This Airport really knows how to treat its passengers. No wonder they rank so high in passenger satisfaction.
According to who? That's ball grabbing city and you can't even complain to a cop without being intimidated.
By the way....anybody see the pathetic intimidation of the media (Infowars people) by the cops....where is their site so we can give them some love? Their page on the city website no longer exists...