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Are food venues restricted because of Covid 19?
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I will be flying Southwest airlines. I believe they use concourse c. The lounge is in concourse D. Will I be able to get into concourse D from Concourse C. thank you
I wanted to go to a store - Marshall Rousso in Concouse C... can I get there without an airline ticket?
When walking through the BWI Airport, Terminal D, stop at the America Store. My wife and I like to shop there and we especially enjoy visiting with Tina, the sore manager. Good merchandise and great conversations.
Never have been treated so rudely by 2 young ladies in my entire life! Rude, rude, rude! People like that should not be working in customer service.
It would be helpful if you posted what store/restaurant you are talking about
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The bathrooms at BWI are super clean and even have fresh flowers!
Arriving on Southwest with 2 1/2 hr. layover. Would like to meet friends at Silver Diner. Will going back and forth thru security be a hassle? No bags, just will have boarding passes.
Yes, you should have enough time. You will have no issues going back through security as long as you hold a boarding pass for a flight departing BWI that day.