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I am flying Southwest from Columbus, Ohio to Baltimore/Washington, arriving at 2:00. I have to fly out on Southwest to Boston at 3:05. Any ideas on which concourses I will be traveling from and to? Also, do you think I'll have time to travel the distance? Also, would I be better off checking my bag all the way thru from Columbus to Boston so I don't have to mess with them in Baltimore?
Hi - this Tuesday I will arrive at BWI at about 3 pm. I will need to get to British Airways terminal for another flight. I am fine with walking it. How far will that be? Thank you!
I have a lay over at BWI flying Southwest. Does Southwest only use Concourses A&B. Will you have to go through security going from A to B
I'm flying from terminal C. Is there any connection between terminals C and D after going through security? I'm a priority pass member and the priority pass lounge is located in the terminal D. Thank you.
No, they are not connected inside security.
Just became a Priority Pass Member and never used it before. I would assume they won't let me through security to get to concourse D if I'm leaving on a SW flight in concourse B correct?
Can you please tell me the walk time and distance between B14 and C14? We have a one hour layover.
Just follow the signs to C and then to C14. There is a walkway connecting B and C inside security.
do you go thru security going from d to a with no checked bags ,just carry on ,flying in on southern and leaving on south west
Yes, you have to go through security again.
How far is the walk time from the Allegiant terminal to the Boutique Air terminal? Do I need to go through security again? I have a 45 min. layover.
Both Allegiant and Boutique use Concourse D. If you don't have checked bags you can just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. However, 45 minutes is pretty risky.
what is the walk time from d-37 to a-2
With no checked bags, I would want at least an hour between flights if the first flight is domestic. If you have checked bags I'd want at least 2 hours.
walk time from gate D-37 to gate A-2 ,do you need to go through security again ? where do you check in your baggage for a southwest flight after you arrive on a southern airways flight.
Yes, you have to go through security again. You can check your bags at any Southwest check-in counter on the A/B side of the airport.
The connecting flight leave 1hour later. How much time will it take to reach outgoing terminal
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate which takes 15 minutes or less.