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BWI Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I when true security on Monday around 2 pm and lost my car keys at the security check point can yo see if some report them
Thank you
If flying to BWI from ROC connecting flight to CUN same airline. Is 55 minutes enough time to make the connecting flight?
Flying out on AA in terminal C and would like to go to the Club in D
Any answers to this question? I'm looking to do the same in May. Thanks!
What's the distance between terminals A and D and may I walk freely inside the airport to get from one to the other without going through security again?
How long does it take to go from C and 11 to a nine at 4 PM? Do you have to go through security again?
Is 50 mins enough time to transfer between flights? Coming in from cvg and flying to Orf on Sept 16th. Thanks.
how long will it take to walk from GATE A6 to GATEB6 at the Baltimore airport
It all depends on how fast you walk as you can stay inside the TSA perimeter to travel between gates. Here is a link to the terminal map from BWI's website:

If you want a clearer map, you can also use the PDF map:
arriving Baltimore airport October 9th from Rochester NY at 6:35 pm on Southwest not much time to connect with southwest flight to Milwaukee are the gates fairly close for Southwest change of planes?
Hi - this Tuesday I will arrive at BWI at about 3 pm. I will need to get to British Airways terminal for another flight. I am fine with walking it. How far will that be? Thank you!
I have a lay over at BWI flying Southwest. Does Southwest only use Concourses A&B. Will you have to go through security going from A to B