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I have recently started using a walker and need to know how to get my luggage to check in when I am dropped off at the airport. Is it possible to arrange for a skycap to meet me? Should my husband park the car and accompany me to the desk? (He won’t be traveling with me.) I assume that when I return, there will be someone who can help me get my luggage out to the curb for pickup.

There are skycaps at BWI. You can ask the folks at the ticket counter to call one for you when you are ready to go. There is no charge for skycap service although tipping is generally expected.

The airline will call for a skycap to assist you from the plane to baggage claim once you arrive -- just ask at the ticket counter. It doesn't hurt to mention it to the flight attendant as well.
Hi I want to fly in and I need to get from gate to luggage to car rental? I can only walk short distances
How can I get help? I have not bought my flight ticket yet.
We will be picking up a wheelchair passenger in a van with a side ramp extension. Do we need to park in a special place with room for a side ramp?
Need travel assistance in BWI checking in to terminal
Contact your airline.
were are the car rental area in airport
Thinking of flying to BWI and then taking train to New York. How close is Amtrak station to airport and what is the best way of getting there?
There is an Amtrak Station on airport grounds called BWI Marshall. It is connected to the terminals by a shuttle bus.
Morining BWI.

Do you have a SATO office from returning military personnel?

Thanks Mike
The SATO office in Baltimore is at Warfield ANGB across town, not at BWI.
Does Southwest have a curbside baggage drop off / check in at BWI?
I flew in to bwi from Copenhagen with layover in Reykjavik, Iceland by WOW Air on the 31st of July. My checked in bag is missing and have not heard back from the airline. If it was delayed, I would expect to hear back within 24 hours but now that its been more than 2 days, i am getting very anxious. I called the number that's on the BWI website for Lost and Found but i could not talk to anyone in person.

Are there any areas in the airport where there may be lost baggages hanging around? Would going to the airport myself be a good idea? i have to drive 1 hour one way.

Does anyone know the direct phone number i could reach out to?
The only place at the airport it could be is the bag office handling the Wow Airlines flights (which is likely not marked and not publicly accessible).
Is there a phone number for Southwest baggage claim service at BWI?