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BKK Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I will fly in on Emeritus from the USA and fly out on Thai Airways to Chiang Mai . How much time do I need to make the connecting flight?
will i have enough time, arriving from koh samui on bangkok airways at 13h, to check-in my flight on jetstar to sgn for 15h25 departure?
will i have enough time to run from domestic arrival to check-in at international departures?
are these 2 areas far away from each other?
HKG arriving 12:40am and BKK leaving 3:00 am on 24 th Dec. how can I connect the flight?
I have this Priority Pass for lounges and am trying to locate which one I should go to
Hello! I'm arriving on Thai Airways from Bali to BKK. I have approx. 4 hours to connect to NRT via All Nippon air. Both are Star Alliance. I'm finding it confusing to understand where luggage goes, and if I need to clear customs or pick up bags or get a new ticket. Thanks!
At BKK, your baggage will be automatically transferred to your departing flight. Transferring from an International to another International flight: After disembarkation, go to Level 2 and (to the Transfer Checkin Counter if you have no boarding pass); go through security checkpoint on either levels 2 or 3, and proceed to the hold rooms in Concourses D, E, F or G. Your boarding pass & the overhead screens at BKK will indicate your flight and gate number (i.e., gate F6). For terminal /Concourse details, I suggest you open then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the detailed text.