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BCN Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I will arrive from U.S. via Dublin to BCN at 20:15 in late November with only a carry-on bag. After going through passport control and customs, will I have adequate time to make night flight to Seville? Options are between RyanAir, also in Terminal 2B, departing at 21:55, and Vueling Air, which requires shuttle to Terminal 1 for 22:35 departure. Final option is stay overnight in airport & catch Vueling flight at 6:55 next morning. Any insights from those who have have made BCN late night arrival & connections appreciated!!
Hi, I am arriving from Doha on QR141 to BCN (Terminal 1) at 09:10pm and my onward travel is at 10:40pm on VY3914 to PMI. I have bought one ticket and the booking is under one itinerary but Qatar Airways and Vueling Airline has different booking reference. Will the bags be tagged all the way from Doha to Palma Mallorca ? Do I need to go through customs/immigration, claim baggage and recheck-in with Vueling Airlines ? Please advise.
We are flying from Barcelona to Athens Greece on Aegean Air. Which terminal does Aegean fly out of?
I am considering two options which connect through BCN. One is between one British Airways flight and another (LHR to BCN, then BCN to CLT). The connection time is only 1 hour and 15 minutes. Is this possible?

The second option is probably even worse. LHR to BCN on British Air then BCN to CLT on American Air. Connection time is one hour. Is this possible? Seems pretty risky...Thanks.
On april 24 2018 I will be arriving from Los Angeles on Norwegian and self-connect to Transavia taking me to Eindhoven. There's about 4 hours transfer time which should be enough, but I want to make sure. What if the flight from Los Angeles is late, will I still be able to catch my flight to Eindhoven? Do both airlines use the same terminal and does this terminal allow for transfers?
I have a flight skopje to barcelona and arrive to bcn airport on 20:45 with wizzair. On 21:55 I have another flight from bcn to seville through ryanair .How can i go directly to the boarding gate of ryanair ?
We will be changing from United to Vueling to reach our destination in Rome. Will 2 hrs be enough to get through customs, security and checked in for Vueling?
Hy I am travel from Dubai on EMIRATES arriving at 13:25pm BCN Terminal 1 INTERNATIONAL then my next flight is booked on VUELING at 17:05pm BCN Terminal 1 DOMESTC its around 3:40 hours transit is that time is more enough to catch flight after Immigration & baggage claiming
We have a separate booking from a flight from ROM to BCN landing at 8:55AM. Also, a flight leaving BCN @ 12:15PM to OAK. I understand I would have to go through the passport control before boarding the flight to US (OAK). Since I will have less than 2 hours to get to the next flight, I would like to know from where to go to board the flight to OAK. What gates Vueling (BA8106/VY6109) uses @BCN? Also, how far and how long can it take (going through passport control) to get to gates D & E from wherever vueling gates are?
I am arriving in Barcelona at 9 am from NYC on Delta. My daughter is flying on Vueling from Ibiza and lands in Barcelona at 10:15. I want to find out where and how to get to her terminal from the one I land in. Do you know where international flights usually come in, and which terminal the Vueling flights from Ibiza come in? Much appreciated. N.Y.