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I have a Vueling flight departing BCN at 0725 on a Tuesday in March. How early do you suggest I arrive at airport...thanks
Where are you flying to? Do you have checked bags?
We will be arriving into BCN via United Airlines and other family members will be arriving 15 minutes later via American Airlines. I am typing an itinerary for everyone and this is my first time in this airport. What is the best spot for us to meet in the airport (is it Terminal 1?) so we can go through customs together? Thank you so much!
Since you will both be arriving into BCN at roughly the same time and both into Terminal 1, there is a good chance that you will see each other in the baggage claim area. However, if they tell you to move along and go through customs, don't worry as you can meet them just outside of customs.
Thank you very much. I wasn't sure if it would be easier to meet at a specific restaurant or store before heading baggage claim. My group will arrive first and we are experienced with international travel. The other group arrives a bit later and have no experience with international flights and going through customs. Just want to make sure they get through smoothly. :)