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Lost the wallet somewhere in a queue to the security check or left it in a basket during the check. Black, hand-made, has Russian words on it.
We’re about to fly to Amsterdam. CZ345, 03.31.19, about 23.30
My grandchildren lost their iPad either in the security or in Pizza Hut 31.3. around 2 pm.
It has a red/black cover and a picture of 2 boys on the front.
Pls call 0045 21862410
Hi Travelled on line 2 to PEK INT airport on the 24November 2017 I arrived at the Airport about 5.30 pm to check in for my flight to Mongolia and cant find my phone.the phone is not worth much but my photos are..Samsung 5 Thank You
This is not any airport or airline's website.
Thanks Regards james

I left my bag by security. The airline crew notified the airport and the airport staff informed them that they had found my black backpack. How do I get it?
Is there an email address for the lost and found department. We only found a telephonenumber but we cannot phone from the airplane. Is it possible to contact the L&F department by Email?