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I was travelling on EK307 on 20th June and I was at the security gate around 10:30-11:00 PM on 19th June.
at the security, I forgot the headphone handset at the security gate, I took it out from the laptop bag and put it on the tray, but I forgot to collect it again.

Appreciate if you find it for me.

Mohamed Sabry

In feb 5th at about 11:10 am I left behind a piece of elephant metal art at the diplomatic immigration line. I was in connection to flight Air China flight number CA819 to Newark NJ. I know it was left on the floor by table where you fill out the departure card forms. Can someone assist with retrieving from lost and found? Thank you!!!
I lost 2 iPads, one pink extra battery for charging phone and 1 Apple charging cube in terminal 3 security checkpoint late night on 1/31. I cannot seem to actually talk to anyone at lost and found counter at PEK and the information desk continues to just transfer me to the same line that will not get me through to anyone . We will be returning to Beijing in about a month for our return flight . Does anyone know if they are likely to hold items that long or if there is any better way to get in touch with lost and found.
Thank you

I lost my phone on yesterday's flight from Bangkok to Beijing, CA980. I was told that my phone may be in the Lost & found section. Unfortunately, I could not leave the transit zone, because of my connecting flight to frankfurt. Does anybody know, how are the chances to get it back from there? Air China could not really help me with my issue... Thanks!
Jan 2, 2018 10:25am ANA flight. Went to Asiana line out of habit. I had 2 pants on. Took one off. Wallet must of fallen out then. Name is Jeremy Chang.
I didn't find my 2nd package after I reached borg el arab alexandria airport. My flight was on emirates flight from bejin to dubai transit them on fly dubai to alexandria. The package no is 344960 my flight was on Wednesday 6.50 am
You need to contact Emirates. This is not any airport or airline's website.
I have left my iPhone 6s pink, at terminal 2 at the gate. It has a light blue case with flamingos on it. It was October 8 in the morning at Gate 14 at Terminal 2. I was travelling on Air France flight AF0125 which departed to Paris at 09:00. Thank you
I may have left my iPhone at terminal 3 going through security. It has a blue case. It was September 23 in the morning. I was traveling on air China flight 901 which departed to ULN at 0830. The home screen has a picture of 3 American ladies on it. Thank you
Hello, some body or anybody know someone lost his iphone cell phone last night 10 o'clock at China Beijing carpital airport T2,you can tell your friend, he can found it by make a phone call to :010-64598333 lost found at T2 near to gate 15 at the first floor.

Hello Dear Sir:
I do not know what's your name, you lost your white Iphone CELL PHONE last night maybe ten o'clock at T2 Beijing airport, we found it at 3 o'clock in the morning, if you or your friend attention to this anoucement, you can contact lost early as you can is much better.
July 29,2012