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Any place in the airport to sleep or rest in a comfortable chair?
Any place in the airport to sleep or rest in a comfortable chair?
my bag went through the scanner with power bag and jewelries and other items. did. not the contents just took it and when home all jewelries are gone, makeup and souvenirs.
My boss lost his Ipad pro (black/grey color cover), go through the SQ security check in at Counter E in terminal 3 int'l, then passport immigration, then security check when the last time ipad was out of the bag. please contact me if you find the iPad. Thanks.
I lost my laptop while transferring flights from Korea to New York. I was in terminal 3, I had it in the first flight but I think I lost it while I was waiting for the connecting plane or while security baggage check.
It has a sticker of a yellow lion/bear dancing, and of BMO(a blue machine).
went though the TSA security check "Terminal 3 " and the clear plastic bag was sent though the scanner with meds and multiple charges for iphones and an ipod. this plastic bag was left in the bin
on 22/6/2019 around 10 plus i lost my Seagate Slim external hard disk 1 tb brown color at the security check at Beijing airport Terminal 3. please if you found it email me. i will be back to Beijing on 4/9/2019.
Hello, I lost a small brown bag with only a pink pen drive with all my pics there. I'm in Spain and wont be back. can you pleas ask in the lost& found items ? I have a pic I could send it. It was attached to my check in luggage from SGN to PEK and then MAD but fell. It could be anywhere. THANKS
I connect fight Bangkok-Beijing-chinggis Khaan on 25 May 2019 08.30am at security check lost my macbook pro
I lost iPad Pro Space Grey including Keyboard during Security Check at Beijing International Airport T3 Domestic (05. June 2019 5 PM) What can I do?
I forgot to collect my laptop from security at terminal 3. When I went back they said they can not understand english and therefore do not know what I am saying. This is ridiculous. I was getting late for my flight so I had to leave with a heavy heart. But I need my laptop. Please help.