Belo Horizonte Confins Tancredo Airport ( CNF ) Nearby Airports by Distance

CLOSEST AIRPORTS TO Belo Horizonte Confins Tancredo CNF Airport

Rio de Janeiro Galeao GIG Ilha do Governador, RJ (224 miles)
Rio de Janeiro Dumont SDU Centro Rio de Janeiro-RJ (232 miles)
Sao Paulo Guarulhos GRU Guarulhos, Cumbica District (308 miles)
SaoPaulo Viracopos Campinas VCP Campinas /SP (310 miles)
Sao Paulo Congonhas CGH Vila Congonhas - Sao Paulo, SP (325 miles)
Brasilia Kubitschek BSB Brasilia, DF (368 miles)
Salvador Magalhaes SSA Salvador, BA (595 miles)
PortoAlegre Filho POA Bairro Sao Joao, Porto Alegre, RS Rio (846 miles)
Recife Guararapes REC Guararapes, Pernambuco Dist. (996 miles)
Santa Cruz Viru Viru VVI Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Andres Ibanez (1262 miles)

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