Belo Horizonte Confins Tancredo Airport ( CNF ) Public Transportation

Getting to & from Tancredo Neves Airport:  For best restuls, open

The Executive Airport Shuttle (Expresso Unir LTDA) bus (tel. 31 3689-2368 /2415 or visit: is serving the region - with transfer options to the Belo Horizonte subway system. Tickets for this shuttle and other buses are sold at the booths located in the Arrivals area of the terminal.
UNIR Buses
- Urban Bus departs from bus stop 204  - general tel. (31) 3224-1002 - or visit: .
- Line 5401 ( Sao Luis /Dom Cabral) departs from bus stop 42 - tel.  0800 283 70 45, or visit: .

The new & accessible Airport bus to Contagem offers more comfort, security and quick transfer (tel. (31) 2568-2828 or visit:

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