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Lost my green wallet at or near gate 67 international flight. Wondering best way to post on lost and found or contact thanks
Can I claim my vat refund at terminal1. Travelling easyjet ti london?
i lost small black bag with birth certificate
Run away from alm electronic store
they are great lyers just hooking fryers
But what if you want your fryer hooked?
My green fleece jacket with black hat and gloves in pocket was lost. Thank you Date lost November 9, 2014
My young daughter lost a small 5th generation pink ipod in the arrivals hall yesterday evening (2nd sept).

My number here is 0587171386 if you have any information.
On 8/18 I lost my Flash Drive with my name & Phone # on it. Pls let me know if you found it. thx
I have your bag, and you have mine. Contact me
It is best to contact United Airlines.
I flew from Tel Aviv to Manchester last Thursday 27th June, but my Maclaren stroller did not come on the flight with me. I have not had any luck with the Manchester end: who do I contact at Ben Gurion airport?
You need to contact your airline.
Is the luggage storage room at TLV only for short term? I am arriving on a saturday and will be back at the airport 9 days later to fly to eilat to dive. It would be great to be able to check my dive gear at the airport even if I have to pay so I don't have to schlep it all over Israel.