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Hi, trying to compare costs at home to the airport for exchanging US $. Daughters (2) coming over on birthright trip. Looking to exchange US $600 ($300 each). What would the final amount they would get after any fees/costs. I understand rates change daily so it may be different on day of arrival
on a flight from odessa to tlv UIA 7878
I lost a gold iphone somewhere close to gate C5 on 10/5/17. Any ideas on how to get in touch with lost and found? I'm trying to contact Air France, but they aren't much help.
10/23, not 10/5
Is there long term (5 days) storage lockers in the airport?
Lost American Passport Between pizza court at gates B-C and gate C8
I lost my headphones Bose QC15 in a black box. Please give it to airport's security.
by accident we took a blue Ricardo bag on wheels from the Philadelphia-Tel Aviv flight today (flat #3731).
The tefillin bag says Moshe Efraim
I think I lost a small pouch with pink flowers while exiting air canada flight 84 from toronto to tel aviv on sunday Sept 29th. Please respond if you found it.
I was on flight EZY 1827 from Manchester to Tel Aviv on 25th February 2013, departing 12,30. I was sat in row 13 and I left my grey zip up jacket behind. It is easily identified by three small badges on the top and a bleach stain on the bottom.

I will be in Tel Aviv airport again on 7th March, could I please pick it up then,

Thank you.

Philip Gordon.
This is not the airport's website. The best way to get the jacket back would be to try to contact Easyjet, but I doubt you will have much success