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I'm transiting through MEX from Cancun next month, final destination LHR.
Aeromex both flights. Do I collect my luggage and take it to check in for the London flight or is there a through luggage drop off ?
We are arriving Dec 23 at 12:35pm on Delta from Atlanta, and then trying to connect on Aeromexico Connect at 1:50pm. Can we get through customs and check back in with enough time? Seems pretty risky to me. Thanks
An hour is tight, but given that you do not have to switch terminals you should be able to make it unless your inbound flight is delayed. Also, there is a good chance that your connecting flight is delayed because of traffic in the airport. You must go through immigrations and customs (going through customs is really quick) and then place your bags in the "Connecting Baggage" conveyor, then take the stairs to the security checkpoint and walk to your gate.
We arrive in Mexico City at on airomexico and leave For Houston on Southwest.
We have 45 min in between flights. Any problems connecting.
You have absolutely zero chance of making that connection. They're in two separate terminals on opposite sides of the airport. You have to go to the other terminal and then do all of the check in, security, and exit immigration procedures.
Arrive in Mexico City on Aeromexico at 13:50 and leave at 14:45 on Southwest. Shouldn’t have to go through customs until Houston correct
Gives me 55 min.
7 minute tram ride to Terminal 1.
What do you think.

Again, ZERO chance because you have to claim your bag from Aeromexico and take the tram to Terminal 1, re-check it with Southwest, and go through security and exit immigration. You will be well past the check-in cutoff at that point.
No bags. Just carry on
Bear in mind that MEX is a really congested airport and you might sit in the platform for up to 40 minutes waiting for a gate to be assigned if your inbound flight arrives late. The airtrain does not run that frequently and you may have to wait 15 minutes to take it. Also, the security checkpoints at T1 can get very crowded and you may have to walk up to 10 minutes to your gate. So, let's say it takes 20 minutes for you to deplane and get your bags, go upstairs to take the airtrain and take 15 minutes to get to T1, then walk all the way to international departures (which can take 10 to 15 minutes) and go through the security checkpoint and walk to the gate. If you are not a Mexican citizen, you also have to do the the exit immigration procedures at MEX. I don't think you'll make it.
I have a separate ticket LAX to MEX on AA arrive at 5:30 am. I have a seperate reservation for MEX- Culiacan on Interjet at 6:40am . I believe both are in Terminal 1. Do I have enough time to clear immigration and customs? I will only have carryon luggage, no check in luggage. Do I have enough time to clear. This is my only option other than waiting 8 hours in MEX city now.
Try doing your online check-in with Interjet so that you have enough time to do your connection. You shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to clear immigration and customs. However, an hour seems very little time to me (especially because you are arriving and departing at one of MEX's peak hours and the security checkpoints are a bit crowded at those hours).
Thank you. I appreciate the response
We arrive Apr 5th from Puerto Escondido on Interjet and leave on Westjet for Calgary. How far is it in the terminal between the two and how long will it take
I am not sure whether Westjet will depart from T1 or T2. If it departs from T1, you will have to walk all the way from domestic arrivals (in the ground floor) to international departures (in the first floor). This may take between 10 to 20 minutes depending on how much baggage you are carrying. If it departs from T2, you must walk to the AirTrain station and take the train to T2. The trains runs every 10 or 15 minutes (I don't recall precisely) and the ride takes less than 5 minutes.
We will arrive from Montreal with Interjet at gate E. Which terminal is it and where is the closest lounge ?
We are traveling from Calgary Canada to Managua Nicaragua with a transfer in Mexico City. Do I have to clear customs in Mexico City?
We are flying United to Mex City and then Interjet to Oaxaca. We have four hours between the end of our Mex city arrival and our Oaxaca departure. We have booked separate tickets because United and Interjet are not partners. I'm assuming we'll have to leave the secure area to check in for out Interjet leg. Is my assumption correct? Will we arrive in one terminal and need to get to the another? How do we do that if we don't have a boarding pass to ride the train?
It's cheaper for me to purchase two separate tickets for my trip, returning from Santiago, Chile to San Antonio, Texas. I will be on LANTAM from Chile to Mexico City and then on Southwest Airlines from Mexico City home. I have a six hour layover. Must I go through customs in Mexico City even though it's a transit stop and I won't be leaving the airport? Is 6 hours enough time?
Flying from Zihua by aeromar to Mexico City and need to change to United flight to Houston. Where do I go to change planes