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we are flying in to Mexico city from Cancun via Aeromexico and then on the Manzanillo. Do we have to have to recheck our luggage when we arrive at MEX?
I am planning to fly from US to Peru with Aeromecixo, there is 1hrs and 15 min transit time in the time enough to catch the next flight since i am going to pass the security check point?
We had a connecting flight 1 hour an 40 minutes between, immigration was so busy we and many others missed our flights and nobody cared; just told us to get in line.
I will be landing at MEX Aeromexico flight from YYC for connecting flight to TGZ on Aeromexico flight,do I have to pick up my luggage. Would also like info on navigating MEX for same flight. Thanks so much.
My husband and I believe we will be arriving in Terminal 2. We need to meet another party who may be arriving in Terminal 1. We want to go through Customs together. Is it possible to go between Terminals 1 and 2 without going through Customs?
We are flying into MEX on Southwest at 11:10 and departing Aeromexico for ACA at 13:10. Our return Aeromexico flight lands at 12:55 in MEX and we depart on Southwest at 2:45. Is that enough time to deplane, pick-up baggage, take the shuttle, re-check bags, go through customs, security to make it to our gates in time (each way)?
with two kiddos??
I wouldn't try it.
What if we use carry-on checked bags?
No checked bags would definitely help
Do I have to go through customs in Mexico City or SLP?
You go through Mexican Immigration and Customs in Mexico City.
On Jan 23, we will fly into MEX from CUN on Interjet (arrive 1:20 pm). Then we need to connect to an Alaska Airlines flight from MEX to LAX (depart 3:15 pm). Can you please tell me how to get from the Interjet gate onto the Alaska flight? How long will it take us to get from the first location to the second? Do we have to go through security again (for the flight to the US)?
I'm going to go ahead and assume your Interjet flight is a Mexican domestic flight. Therefore, in Mexico City you will claim your bags, take them to the Alaska check-in desk, go through security, and to your departure gate. Both flights are in Terminal 1. You should have just enough time.
I will flying in on Delta to Mexico city, and then have a connecting flight to cancun on Aeromexico. Will I need to claim my checked luggage? Will I need to go through customs to get to the my connecting flight. If you could explain the process I will need to do that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yes, you will go through Mexican Immigration and Customs in Mexico City. I believe you will also have to claim your bags to bring them through Mexican customs in Mexico City.
11 January we arrive on Southwest at 13:45 connect on separate ticket to Interjet at 16:05. Is this ample time?
Arriving Terminal 1 Mexico City at 12:25 pm
Departing from Terminal 2 to Guadalajara at 14:55

Is this enough time to collect bags, go through customs and transfer to Terminal 2 for our flight?

Thank you, Linda