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My wife was flying from Accra,Ghana to Salt lake City with a stop over in Mexico City. In Mexico City. Ast she was carrying some gold in her purse. She waqas Putt a detainment area & told her she wouldn't be released until she paid a fine of $1,000 She is still there after 3 weeks. Help?
We arrive on a Delta flight and need to meet someone that arrives on an AA flight.
Will we be at the same terminal? If not, what would be the best place to meet up?
I will be traveling from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico through Mexico City to the US with a German Shepherd Service Dog on 11/29/19. I have a 4 hour layover. Does this airport have animal relief areas?
Left my iPad on Aeromexico flight 643 arriving from LAX around 11pm. Who can I contact about this? Thanks!
Flying from Puerto Vallarta to ?Zihuatanejo, do I need my tourist visa?
I have an 8hrs lay over with my 2 cats. Are there facilities at the airport
Does this exist in Mexico?
I lost my brown wallet in the airport Please help me
Who do I contact about a Canadian passport that was lost on the 1st February in Terminal 2 just outside the passport control hall. The flight was 681 Aeromexico from Montreal, Canada.
Are there Drs available at the airport in Mexico City? Ill be on a 6 hour layover there and have been experiencing serious pain

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