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Bergen Flesland Airport ( BGO ) Terminal Map Information

Bergen Flesland BGO Terminal Map


NOTE:  The old passenger terminal  has now merged into a new integrated terminal serving both domestic and international flights:

The New Terminal opened August 17, 2017
with its own Light Rail connection to the city and a capacity to handle up to 10 million passengers annually.  It is four-times the old one - covering 85,000 sq.meters. Its light-rail system is integrated into the terminal, with a terminus on the lower level. Light Rail & bus are located at the forecourt. Six air bridges lead to their respective 15 gates - with 6 domestic gates in the new terminal and 9 domestic and foreign gates in the old airport part  The check-in area houses 28 check-in machines and baggage drops, four combined desks and 12 serviced check-in desks.  
Outside are 31 aircraft parking stands, 17 of which are remote stands.

While currently there is still a lack of available data about the new Terminal - including a new terminal map - this is all the information available as of September 12, 2017. However, new bus information was avaiable and is not updated. (see 'Transportation - Buses/Trains'.