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Cafeteria Derio

The new public arrivals space has a modern cafeteria for passengers and people accompanying them.
Gate/Area: Floor 1 Arrivals
Phone: 944 869 891

Cafeteria Ganeko

Cafeteria situated in the boarding area, where, in modern and peaceful surroundings, passengers can have a coffee, a drink or a roll while they wait for their flights.
Gate/Area: P3 Departures
05:30 to 21:30
Phone: 944 869 856

Cafeteria Usoa

n this cafeteria, situated in the departures lobby, one can enjoy the wait with a coffee or any other drink, and try the cakes and pastries or its large selection of pintxos and rolls.
Gate/Area: P3 Departures
05:45 to 21:15
Phone: 944 869 894

Cafeteria-self-service Loiu

Self-service counter and grilled fast food service, for a variety of lunch or dinner options in the boarding area.
Gate/Area: P3 Departures
06:00 to 22:30
Phone: 944 869 592

Hub Convenience

Shop measuring 50 square metres, offering a large selection of articles such as magazines and newspapers, sweets, savoury snacks, drinks
Gate/Area: Floor 2 Departures
Phone: 944 712 065

Las Lilas

Accessories for women, jewellery, handbags, footwear and clothes.
Gate/Area: Floor 2 Departures
06:30 to 21:00
Phone: 944 538 770

Pans & Company

Mediterranean fast food for all tastes and any time of day, with a special area for quality coffee and baked goods.
Gate/Area: P3 Departures
06:00 until the last flight takes off


This establishment stocks all the daily newspapers and a large number of publications, as well as a wide selection of books: fiction, poetry and essays.
Gate/Area: Floor 2 Departures
06:00 to 21:00
Phone: 944 530 653

Restaurante Aeropuerto de Bilbao

Restaurante Aeropuerto de Bilbao With capacity for 100 people, passengers with time to spare may enjoy special dishes such as bacalao al pil-pil
Gate/Area: P3 Departures
12:00 to 16:30
Phone: 944 530 003

Sibarium Delicatessen

an exquisite selection of typical foods from different regions of Spain
Gate/Area: Floor 2 Departures
06:00 to 21:30
Phone: 944 869 969

The Shop

Aldeasa shops are large shopping centres within the airport, where the drinks, tobacco, perfumery, cosmetics, foodstuffs and accessories
Gate/Area: Floor 2 Departures
06:00 to 21:30
Phone: +34 912 742 542 and 900 252 423