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Getting Through Airport Security Without a Ticket? Sure!

Airport Security,

Did you ever want to go into the airport and wait for your friend or family member at their gate? Or accompany your parents and walk them to their gate? It is now possible, but only at the following airports:    Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)    Tampa International Airport (TPA)    Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW)With Detroi [...]

Nutrition & flying

Healthy flying,

Last installment we learned: 1) Airports are still in the dark ages when it comes to healthy offerings to passengers. 2) Why you feel bloated and icky after you fly. 3) How sodium can ruin your flat tummy and your bathroom experience. What’s the worst thing for me to eat? Wherever you are, buyers beware! Inspections of almost 800 restaurants at 10 airports found violations. At one airpo [...]

Preparing to Launch: Coordinating with Support Crews

From the cockpit,

            In the previous few posts, we discussed the internal and external preflight inspections airline pilots conduct prior to departure. In addition to those important tasks, pilots must coordinate with a variety of support crews to ensure the aircraft is ready for pushback. While these support teams are largely capable of completing their respective tasks independently, the captain is [...]

Takeoff & Climb

From the cockpit,

Thus far, most of our posts have looked at the steps leading up to takeoff. Today we’ll examine what happens once the plane departs terra firma. While the takeoff and climb legs might appear simple and self-explanatory, both involve important steps that greatly contribute to the safety of each flight. V1:  A Critical Airspeed Although we previously reviewed the need to calculate speeds [...]

Turbulence Revisited: Additional Sources of Bumpiness Aloft

From the cockpit,

In our last look at turbulence, we discussed the various forms of low-level turbulence; bumpiness found below approximately 15,000 ft. With this post, we’ll cover causes of high-altitude roughness. As an airline passenger, most of your travel time will be spent in high-altitude cruise. Turbulence encountered during this stage of flight will likely last longer than most low-level turbulence e [...]

Better Airport Experience

General airport topics,

If you've traveled by air lately, you know that the glamor days of riding through the skies and zipping through airports are long gone. With massive crowds, security checkpoints and overbooked flights, today's airport experience can quickly turn into a hassle-filled scene that will leave you wondering why you ever wanted to fly in the first place. If you're careful, you can minimize the airp [...]

Eating at IAD Dulles Airport

At The Airport,

Let’s be real, no one looks forward to airline food, no matter how much wine they’ve consumed before it is served.   However, enjoying a great pre-departure meal is very easy if you’re departing from Washington Dulles, as the airport offers over 10 different restaurants with International cuisine.   Here are five of our favorites...   Vino Volo- IAD Concourse [...]

The decent

From the cockpit,

Regardless of the distance traveled or the time spent aloft, all airplanes must eventually return to earth. For passengers, the descent leg means the flight is almost over. For the crew, the descent phase involves communication, coordination, planning, and even math. Let’s examine some of the highlights your pilots deal with after leaving cruise altitude. Econ Descent In Selecting the [...]