Let’s be real, no one looks forward to airline food, no matter how much wine they’ve consumed before it is served.   However, enjoying a great pre-departure meal is very easy if you’re departing from Washington Dulles, as the airport offers over 10 different restaurants with International cuisine.   Here are five of our favorites...   Vino Volo- IAD Concourse C/Gate C3 and Concourse B/Gate B63 Price: $$$ Details: “Vino Volo” is loosely translated as “Wine Flight” in English, and that is the perfect name for these self named “post-security retreats” located exclusively in select US airports, and fortunately there is one at IAD airport. The locations offer an impressive collection of hand-selected wines and themed wine flights. In addition, passengers can enjoy elegant small plates, artesian meats and cheeses or their signature dish of smoked salmon and crabmeat crostini. The combination of great wines, cozy leather lounge chairs and impeccable service makes this the ideal pre-departure meeting spot.   Matsutake Sushi and Hibachi- IAD Concourse A/Gate 18 Price: $ It’s always a sensory delight to dine at a Japanese sushi and hibachi restaurant, and Matsutake Sushi and Hibachi in Washington Dulles airport is no exception. Travelers may find it difficult to walk past the smells of simmering teriyaki and the rhythmic sounds of fresh vegetables being precisely chopped for hand crafted sushi rolls...definitely unexpected from airport fare. Follow your meal with a cup of sake or an Asian beer, and you are cleared for takeoff.   Jose Cuervo Tequileria- IAD Concourse B/Gate 38 Price: $$ Details: At the Washington Dulles location, you can enjoy an authentic Mexican breakfast, lunch or dinner, followed by a top-shelf margarita made from one of the many tequilas of Jose Cuervo fame. The menu features a great selection of Latin fare...and you can dine on the mild-side or go as spicy as you like. Enjoy your meal in the sit-down dining area, or strike up a pre-departure conversation over cocktails at the full-service bar.     Firkin and Fox- IAD Concourse C/Gate 22 Price: $$ Details: If British pubs are your “thing”, the Dulles airport Firkin and Fox is perfect for you. This restaurant features everything you’ve come to expect from these familiar establishments...great food and of course, beer. At the Dulles airport location, you can dine on fish and chips, burgers, salads, cottage pie and other selections from their full menu of pub favorites.     Chipotle- IAD Concourse B/Gate 54 Price: $ Details: This is the perfect place for a quick meal before leaving IAD or to grab the ideal carry-on cuisine. You can choose from freshly prepared handcrafted burritos (filled to capacity with the ingredients of your choice), tacos, rice bowls (they now offer brown rice) and salads that have the same fillings as the burritos...minus the tortilla wrapper. The guacamole is made fresh several times a day, and the cilantro-lime rice is a great accent to all of their selections. If you happen to bring your meal onboard, be prepared for the envy of your seatmate.   ,[object Object]

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