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Nutrition & flying

Healthy flying,

Last installment we learned: 1) Airports are still in the dark ages when it comes to healthy offerings to passengers. 2) Why you feel bloated and icky after you fly. 3) How sodium can ruin your flat tummy and your bathroom experience. What’s the worst thing for me to eat? Wherever you are, buyers beware! Inspections of almost 800 restaurants at 10 airports found violations. At one airpo [...]

Healthy Airports

Healthy flying,

Have your ever had to eat in an airport and walked what felt like miles up and down the terminal trying to find at least one healthy entrée? Of course you have!   I’m Marcey Rader, Lifestyle Trainer for Mobile Professionals. I understand first-hand that business travel isn’t just part of your job, it’s a lifestyle. I spent over a decade traveling around the world for my job and have [...]

Exercise & flying

Healthy flying,

In the last two posts we learned what to eat and what to avoid at airports. Now we’ll learn how you can get some movement in to combat all that sitting.   To check or not to check? It’s scary to check a bag because you may not get it at your destination and if you are flying in to RDU, it will take as long as your flight to actually get your baggage (what is going on back there?). [...]