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Exercise & flying

Healthy flying,

In the last two posts we learned what to eat and what to avoid at airports. Now we’ll learn how you can get some movement in to combat all that sitting.   To check or not to check? It’s scary to check a bag because you may not get it at your destination and if you are flying in to RDU, it will take as long as your flight to actually get your baggage (what is going on back there?). Howe [...]

Healthy Airports

Healthy flying,

Have your ever had to eat in an airport and walked what felt like miles up and down the terminal trying to find at least one healthy entrée? Of course you have!   I’m Marcey Rader, Lifestyle Trainer for Mobile Professionals. I understand first-hand that business travel isn’t just part of your job, it’s a lifestyle. I spent over a decade traveling around the world for my job and have suf [...]

Pushback to runway

From the cockpit,

Once the passengers are loaded, the paperwork is completed, and the plane is preflighted it’s time to leave the gate. At this point, many passengers just want to get in the air. For the curious bunch, some important steps actually occur between the gate and the runway. With this post, we’ll examine what’s going on up front just prior to takeoff. A Concrete Maze Most passengers who’ve f [...]

Collision avoidance 2

From the cockpit,

In a previous post, we highlighted some of the procedural safeguards used to provide adequate separation between airborne aircraft. With this post, we’ll examine other methods to ensure aircraft remain safely separated from each other. All these procedures, methods, and equipment work together to maximize the safety of the national airspace system. Electronic Equipment Transponder:  T [...]

Pros & Cons of IAD Airport

At The Airport,

Pros               Free WiFi   - Washington Dulles offers travelers free Wi-Fi throughout all terminals, just use the “Dulles Airport” SSID for access. Other “for-pay” wireless services are still available for travelers.   International Departures – Dulles is definitely the airport of choice for international departures out of the Washington DC metropolitan area…the only inter [...]

In-flight navigation

From the cockpit,

Prior to this post, we’ve highlighted airline pilots’ duties from pre-takeoff to leveling at cruise altitude. In this installment, we’ll examine a major component of the cruise leg: navigating from Point A to Point B. Unlike with ground-bound modes of transport, flight crews can’t rely on a solid network of roads or rails. However, vast as the wild blue yonder might be; the national airspace [...]

Boarding and Overhead Binning


You’re boarding the plane, and the flight attendant’s voice pipes through the overhead speaker with that rarely-listened-to phrase…   “Ladies and Gentleman, as you board today, please move into your row before stowing your bags to allow the passengers behind you to board.”   Five minutes later, the same voice (a bit less patient this time) comes over the PA again and sa [...]

Preparing to Launch: The Preflight Inspection 1

From the cockpit,

Continuing our Preparing to Launch series, we’ll take another look at the duties airline pilots perform prior to takeoff. When you board an airliner, you’ve probably glanced into the cockpit and noticed the pilots intently engaged in some activity. If you’ve wondered what exactly they’re doing up there, we’ll demystify the process by highlighting some of these tasks. The preflight inspect [...]