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Is there a place to exchange over sea money to American money in the airport?
I need to transport my dog (German shephard, it weighs about 100 lbs. where should I bring my dog to the airport for shipment, and how much it costs to transport to Fairbanks, Ak? I appreciate for your time and service,
Is there a way to exchange US dollars for Euros at the airport? If so, where in the airport is that located?
As Lexington doesn't have any international flights. No, it doesn't.
At Bluegrass airport there is a hidden kids area. When you walk in to the main airport, to the far right back the far right corner is a kids area. With seating areas and bathrooms close by it is a great area to stop by if you have kids!!
Louisville is famous for the Kentucky Derby, not Lexington. Also ' City' doesn't need to be capitalized.