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BOI : carry on baggage size alouded Nov 08, '18 Comments: 0

Boise Airport Gate Connections

Please return call or e mail of the size of carry on allowed. 208-615-7517 or [email protected]

BOI : Long term parking Jul 16, '18 Comments: 0

Boise Airport Parking

Is there usually long term parking available in the garage? My flight is Sunday morning at 6:25.
Thank you

BOI : Reservation Jun 12, '18 Comments: 0

Boise Airport Parking

Do I need a reservation to park for 3 days?

BOI : Full parking lot May 01, '18 Comments: 1

Boise Airport Parking

Why can’t I see when the main lots are full online so I know when to drive straight to the overflow lot? You have a new system that counts the number of vehicles so it should be easy. I fly 60 to 80 flight a year out of Boise and parking is always an issue in the summer months but doesn’t have to be!
Thats a great idea, but we're not the Boise airport.

BOI : LONG term parking limit Mar 16, '18 Comments: 0

Boise Airport Parking

How long can I leave a vehicle parking in the long term "L" lot at BOI?

BOI : reserve parking-long term Dec 19, '17 Comments: 0

Boise Airport Parking

I want to reserve a parking spot for the period starting 12/25/2018 to 12/31-2107

BOI : What time. Atm open up for money exchanged open up Sep 05, '17 Comments: 0

Boise Airport Food, Shops, Services

About the atm machine open up

BOI : Parking long term Aug 25, '17 Comments: 0

Boise Airport Parking

Is there usually room at the open parking lot

BOI : Long term RV parking in surface lot Aug 23, '17 Comments: 0

Boise Airport Parking

Can we park a 24 foot rv in the long term surface lot?

BOI : parking garage question Jul 30, '17 Comments: 0

Boise Airport Parking

sunday morning early 9am is there usually parking open in garage
just checking dont want to drive there then back to econo lot