Bole Addis Ababa Airport ( ADD ) Public Transportation

To get from Bole Airport to your destination you can  take one of the blue & white meterless taxis operated by National Tour Operator (NTO) in front of Arrivals. These larger taxis operate like mini-buses with a fixed route, dropping off passengers along the way. Fares are standardized. 
The smaller NTO taxis may be booked at any major hotel, paying in advance - they are considerably more expensive.

A shuttle bus to/from the city center is sponsored by  Ethiopian Airlines (tel. (011) 465 2222).

The city has two bus terminals (the Autobus Terra near Mercato and the smaller terminal at Ras Mekonin Avenue, near the railway station - with buses to Nazret and Debre Zeyit), as well as an new Urban Light Railway service.

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