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Bordeaux-Merignac Airport ( BOD ) Terminal Map Information

Bordeaux-Merignac BOD Terminal Map


The Bordeaux Merinac Airport complex consists of two passenger terminals - the Main Terminal and the LLC (low-cost) 'billi Bordeaux illico' terminal. The terminals are open 6am-10pm, or last flight.
   Customer Hotline:  dial 05 57 34 50 50 (local charges apply) - then choose your language to get direct access.  For airlines press 1; for carparks press 2; for Jet'Bus shuttle press 3; for rental cars press 4; for all other inquiries, press 5.  
   The Information desk is open 6am-11pm; tel. 33 (0)5 5634 5050 - or e-mail  It offers Lost/Found services, car key deposit, non-allowed items, wheelchair rentals and offers sickbay & shower access.

The Main passenger Terminal at Bordeaux Airport, used by non-LLCs airlines, has two levels - each of which divided by Halls A & B and linked by a connector wing. The terminal offers all the amenities of a larger airport, with Information desks and plenty of eating and shopping choices.
   Level 1, the Departures level, has two connecting wings - Halls A & B -both of which house the check-in facilities:
   - Hall A houses air terminal services, check-in for all airlines other than Air France, Customs, a childrens' play area & Police. Boarding area A has 7 gatess;  boarding area B has 4 gates.
   - Hall B is for check-in of Air France only, and offers work spaces in the boarding area.
   Level 0, the Arrivals /Ground level, has their own arrivals gates, leading to both A & B Halls with respective baggage reclaim. Postal & banking transactions can be done in Hall A (tel: +335 56 34 5097). Rental car counters are on the ground level, in the connector between Halls A & B..  In font of the terminal are the bus stops for municipal bus and P4 parking shuttle.

NOTE:  Halls A & B are currently under renovation and a new connector building will be between them; other improvements include upgrades to accesss roads; and building a new carpark - all to be completed by 2019/20.

The 'billi Bordeaux illico' terminal
- used exclusively for low-cost carriers (LLC) - is across from Hall B of the Main Terminal, accessible between Hall B and the cargo area. Its recently 1,000 sq.meter extended part opened in May 2015 with the intent to make it a more user-friendly terminal.  It now has two security checkpoints speeding up clearance time.  billi terminal has a new Arrivals Hall and two new Departure Lounges (in addition to four existing lounges), new concessions, including food, drink & shops, and duty-free shops.