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KBP Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am flying UIA with a connection time of 1hr 45mins. Will that be enough?
I am looking to fly international UIA flights with a connection time of 1hr 45 mins. Is this enough?
I think BT402 arrives at terminal B and UI 081 leaves from terminal D
I have 4 hours to connect
What transport do I use and are the terminals as I have stated them?

I'm flying from (TLV) to PRG through Kiev.The connection time is 45 minutes . Will that be enough time?
I'm flying from NYC (JFK) to TLV through Kiev.The connection time is 1:40. Will that be enough time? (or what is the minimum connection time, if the flight is delayed?)
Are you flying Ukraine International on both flights? Are they both on the same reservation? If the flight is delayed you are stuck in Kiev overnight.
Yeah, same reservation and both with Ukraine International. So what is the minimum time for connection, given that it's the same reservation and Ukraine International for both flights? Thanks again!
That should be enough time. Not many people do connections through Kiev.