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What are the hours @ this particular location? Are they open 24/7??

Thank You!! :)
4 am - 12 midnight and 4:30 am - 8:00 pm
Does the airport exchange international Money
Yes, I believe there is a small currency exchange desk, although they may only have USD, Canadian Dollars, Euro, and British Pounds.
I have $500 Canadian dollars. Is there currency exchange for Canadian to US ??
I'm stuck with some foreign coins and bills. Is there a currency exchange here? Hours? Fees? I have about $7-8(usd) worth of currency (each) from 2 different countries (bills and coins). I was told there may be a $3 fee for each country.
Thanks for any info.
Yes, that value of currency is not enough to be exchanged.
If I take an early flight how early are coffee shops open?
Dunkin Donuts 4:30 am - 8pm
LaVazza Sun-Fri : 5:00 am -6p
Sat : 5:00 am - 5:00 pm
the dunkin donuts woman could not understand my English, when she overcharged me she would not listen, the cook tried to show her she overcharged me but she just kept SCREAMING at me it was for everything well everything is not what I was complaining about I was telling her she overcharged me on one item; Then the coffee was not black, it was very light with cream. The man apologized but she just kept screaming and ignored me Watch what you are charged
We have written a children's book called Little Red Conquers Her Fear of Flying". It is available through Tate Publishing. How can we go about adding this to your store? Tandy Schaller
Stopped at DD on 8/28/14 @ 10am for coffee. The 3 employees working were very fast, pleasant and accurate with orders. Great job!
One of the slowest fast food restaurants I've been to (store gates 1-12). My husbans and I stood in line for 25 minutes. Only had two people running the floor and employees had attitudes (I'm sure it's because they had no help).