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BRU Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Hi, I have two hours to pick Up my luggage, check in again for a new flight, cross the security line and go to my gate...Will It be ok? Are arrival zone and departing zone close? Thank you
My name is Anna.
I need your help please! I'm flying from PDX (Portland Oregon) to BRU, may 04 and
I have a short time between planes BRU to TEl . Flight SN3289.
From Portland, I arrive at 8.45 in the morning and my plane in Tel Aviv 9.35 in the morning too.
Tell my please which terminal we usually use to fly to Tel Aviv,
So I do not waste time searching.
I'm grateful for your help.
Hello, I am arriving in from LHR on BA at 10.35 and need to connect to a 12.00 Air Brussels flight to Marsa Alam. Is this enough time? How far are the gates likely to be?

Thank you kindly for any information,

I am booking a flight from Usa to Brussels - the layover is 1hr 10 mins - is that enough time to make the change to the Paphos flight?
We are arriving from YYZ with Air Canada one hour twenty minute stop over before onward flight with Brussels airline to Geneva.
Question do we have enough time to deplane and arrive to boarding gate to onward flight to Geneva? Also will our luggage be transferred to onward flight for us ? Thank you in anticipation of your response
Yes, that should be enough time. If both flights are on the same reservation your bags will be transferred for you.
Where does Chicago flight usualy land ? From which gare is Ljubljana flight usualy departing ? THX Cirila
I have a one hour layover in BRU on my way to BUD, is that enough time to go through passport control?
I have a one hour layover in BRU on my way to BUD, is that enough time to go through passport control?
Hello, I'm taking a SN flight (operated by AC) from YUL arriving at BRU 08:35 and then connecting to MAD on another SN flight departing at 09:25. Do I have to go through security check and clear custom again or just walk from one gate to another? Will 50 minutes be enough for the connection?
In Brussels you will go through Schengen Entry passport control and to your departure gate.