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YYC Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Traveling from Portland to Toronto with a connection in Calgary. I have a one hour layover in Calgary. Will that be enough time to clear customs and make my connecting flight?
I am traveling from Winnipeg to Calgary then on to London and I am meeting up with a friend to travel together to London. I am wondering if we go through customs in Calgary or in London.
will I be able to meet her before we go to the boarding area for London.
International flight to IK, you will go through British customs in the UK. There is no pre-clearance of customs except for USA flight.
From YEG we fly in to YYC at 17:37 and are scheduled to leave for LHR at 18:25 - are we going to make our connecting flight!!!! Yikes!
I am flying from Calgary to Miami, with a connecting flight in Toronto. In Calgary, do I check in at the domestic or international terminal? Do I go through customs in Calgary or Toronto?
22nd March 2018 passing through Calgary from Palm Springs en route to Toronto on UK passport. Ticketed right through, carry on only. Flying WestJet. Have 1hr 19mins layover. Will I have to do immigration and/or security and will I have adequate time?
Yes, in Calgary you will go through Canadian Immigration, Customs, and security. You should have enough time.

I am flying from Toronto to Maui with a connection in Calgary - do I go through customs in Calgary or Toronto?

Thank you!
You go through US Immigration and Customs preclearance in Calgary.
how far apart is gate a73 from gate a1
I arrive Calgary from Edmonton on Air Canada, then depart on WestJet to Belize. Carry on only. What is the procedure after I arrive in Calgary. 2.5 hours. I am a non-traveller so need help. Thanks!
arriving YYC 31Jan at 8:30am and departing at 9:55 on Sunwing Charter direct flight to Mexico. Is 1 hour and 25 minutes sufficient time to obtain baggage, clear security and make the flight to Mexico?
I'm flying Winnipeg to Calgary do I have to go through security there as well. Im connecting to Las vegas