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I have used different Lan system and Lansing was one of the best but on my previous Lan's I was facing many issues after searching online I found one palace where I was able to get all my solutions.
is there a cell phone lot?
Lansing Airport has no cell phone lot, just short- & long-term lots. For more parking information call APCOA at 517-321-2665.
I am a 65 yr. old women, I had a knee replacement 10 weeks ago. I went through security with my knee repl. card and ID. Showed my knee scar and was subjected to a full body search by tsc. They touched every part of my body that only me husband knows. I cried for 2 hrs. I won't fly Lansing again. So I am warning anyone who has suffered major surgery about the process. I WILL NEVER FLY OUT OF LANSING
Neither the airport nor the attendant are to blame for your ordeal. Complaints like that come from travelers all over the US and the authorities are listening and consider adjustments to the rules. Sorry for the unpleasantness you had to go through!