Chubu Centrair Airport ( NGO ) Public Transportation

Getting to/from Centrair Airport*:  The Centrair Eco Gas Station can be accessed by taking Centrair East (Centrair-Higashi) IC Expressway exit.
The 'Airport Limousine' is a new bus service to/from hotels in Nagoya (Sakae/ Fushimi area)- taking abou an hour; tickets are about JPY 1,000, for children 500. From the Airport your destination can be reached by Train, Bus or Ferry. 
Prepaid SIM card vending machines
are available (using credit card) on level 2's arrivals lobby, next to the currency exchange.

The Access Plaza
serves as link to trains, and other public transportation, including rental cars. It also offers tourist information.
* For early morning, late night access by public transportation (train, bus, high-speed boat, taxi)  open:

By Train:  Domestic and international Arrials proceed from level 2 to the train station, while all arriving passengers at the Airport proceed to their respecive check-in counters on level 3 and thereafter go through security check and on to their gates.
An exclusive railway pass - the 'Kintetsu Rail Pass wide' 
is available at the Airport's Meitetsu Travel Plaza. The pass allows for unlimited railway travel via the Kintetsu line, covering an extensive network across the Kansai area.  It also is valid for a round-trip between Centrair Airport & Nagoya's train station.
- The Centrair train station is part of the Meitetsu Airport Line. Its ‘uSky Limited Express’ connects the Airport to Meitetsu-Nagoya station in 28 minutes. This station is adjacent to the JR Nagoya Station, allowing for transfers to the Shinkansen high-speed trains to Kyoto & Shizuoka, or transfers to JR, Meitetsu and Kintetsu local trains, as well as to the Nagoya Municipal Subway.

By Bus:
The following bus routes are available:
- Nagoya Area (downtown: Sakae, Meitetsu B.C., Fujigaoka, Nagoya Sta. West Gate; Kinjo-futo
- Tokoname/Handa Area:  Chita-Handa Sta.                                      
- Eastern Aichi /Mikawa area: Toyota-shi Sta., Okazaki Sta., Chiyu Sta.Tokokawa IC;
- Mie Area: Kuwana Sta.
- Shizuoka Area: Hamamatsu Sta. Hamamatsu Nishi IC, Iwata IC, Kakegawa IC.
- The Highway Express Bus departs the Airport from Boarding Platform 2 - stopping at the Nagashima resort (at boarding platform 4) and at Kuwana Station at Platform 0. (Only one suitcase is allowed).
- The Meitetsu Bus to Nagoya City’s Fujigaoka takes 72 minutes, and stops at Tomei Nisshin & Tomei Toyota. 
- The Chitanoriai Bus has two lines to Tokoname & Handa, one is to Chita Handa station, taking 38 minutes, the other is to Kowa station, taking 49 minutes. Contact the Information Desk inside the passenger terminal for more bus information. 
- Midnight/early morning service by the Nagoya-bound bus:*
 - departing the Airport at 2:20am; arriving at Nagoya station's West Gate at 3:15am
 - departing the Airport at 5:40am; arriving at Nagoya station's West Gate at 6:35am
 - departing Nagoya station West Gate at 4:10am - arriving at Chuby Airort at 5:05am.

By Ferry:  
- Note that by traveling between Chubu Airport, the Iseshi Station and Ise Jingo is now more convenient - by transferring from the Tsu Airport Line high-speed boat (reservation is recommended: tel. 059-213-4111 9am-6pm) to the Mie Kotsu Jingu Limousine bus. 
- Three Tsu Airport Line  high-speed ferry  takes 45 minutes to Tsu Nagisamachi taking 45 minutes (with transfers thee to the Mie Kotsu bus to Iseshi Station, Ise Jingu (Geku Naiku) - taking another 70-90 minutes.

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