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Hope this is the right place or right location - sending a good note for.
I was travelling on Monday around 12:50 pm flight via ATL to San Diego, CA.( July 9th 2018 - Monday
During the time, i did not have breakfast nor lunch , but these people made an Outstanding Sandwich i could carry and they were sharp , good people.
Worth Mentioning are:
Cheyenne real friendly, quick , nice and understands Asian Indian Thick accents, she states hi even though she did not serve directly. Jessis took the order and was kind enough to check with cook. Nice person -really sincere, good girl.
Donnell stepped in to work after the weekend and nice..
The person who cooked was super sharp, she knows about Asian India, Vegetarian and what not . She is super good and food was highly tasty ...she can tell that i am Originally from Asian India with Thick accent and eats only Vegetarian -nice person her name if i recollect was Shrieka.

I had to call Charleston airport to get the information and Shirl or Shirley super quick, high intelligent in the information desk gave this restaurant information - i could not find the receipt till now -not sure where it went hope this is the right place.
Thanks again
AKA drjustkidding