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I am booking a ticket from London to Louisville in April. I have the option of going via Charlotte with a 1:39 layover or Atlanta with 1:52. Could I make any of these connections? Which one is most reliable?
They're about equivalent. Charlotte is a much smaller, simpler airport though.
Thank you! So, unless there is an unexpected delay, 1h39 should be enough to go through immigration, customs, bag rechecking, and security at Charlotte.
We are booking a RETURN flight out of Dominican Republic to Chicago. The layover in Charlotte is 2 hour 11 minutes. I'm assuming this is sufficient time to get through a standard customs line, yes?
Yes, that should be enough time.

our flight has been changed yesterday. We will be in CLT at 14:30.
Our flight to LAX is at 16:40. Is it enough time for imigration control and baggage?

Yes, that should be plenty of time.
have a 67 min layover in clt comining from puj , is t6hat enough time? connect stl all flights on u s air date is jan 23 2014 a fri nite.
67 mins probably isn't enough time for an international to domestic connection at CLT.
Is there a place to eat, so I can meet someone on their layover 6 AM Easter morning?
Arriving from Montreal on tuesday at 10:22 am with US Airways , connecting flight to Cancun leaves 11.30 am. 1hr. 08 minute layover is it enough?
Yes, that should be enough time if your first flight is on-time. All gates at Charlotte are connected inside security and you will pre-clear US Immigration in Montreal.
have a 4hr layover at clt is there a private lounge
There are two US Airways clubs. A day membership is $50.
I'm meeting my folks during a 1.5 hr layover. I'll be flying in on USAir. Where is the best place to tell them to meet me? Thanks!