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what are long term parking daily rates?
how do i find handicap parking and how much is it
I am dropping off a rental and my daughter is picking me up in her car. Where should she park? Cell phone lot or other area?
Is there special rates for handicap parking
There was no long term parking today. Then no daily parking. There has to be a way to inform us before we actually get to the airport
I'm flying with my 91 year old mother to Alaska out of CLT in two weeks. She has a handicapped sticker for her car. We will be gone three weeks. Where is the best, most accessible place for us to park?
All facilities have handicapped parking and accessible shuttles.
CLT installed new staffed booths and several automated collection machines.

Sometimes you can't get out of the hourly deck because of the long lines going to the staffed booths. They need at least 1 more manned kiosk to eliminate the terrible lines. The procedures they have in place take 10-15 minutes if someone loses their ticket, according to the cashier after I waited for about 20 minutes to get to the window.
I'm flying out of CLT on Friday February 24, 2012 @ 4:05pm and will be returning on February 25, 2012 around midnight. Where is the best place to park and what's the cost
would be nice to see a parking map that shows the different lots and how to get to them as well as pricing of each
You need to go to the main website for Charlotte Airport....