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in regards to dining/drinking are restaurants and bars open inside CLT airport ???

I arrive at 5PM, heading for Asheville.

What's my best bet to get this task accomplished?
Where is a Chick-fil-a in the airport
friend of mine purchased a Hoodie with 'I heart (love) Char. North Carolina' on it and I was thinking about getting one also but can't find it. Are they sold to public on the internet?
how do you find out if there is anything on your flight to snack on or if food is offered and can you take snacks on the flight.
Yes, you can take snacks on your flight. What might be available for purchase is likely on your airline's website.
Will be arriving about 6:30 AM, are any resturants open at that time for breakfast?
Does anybody know if they sell Golden Virginia tobacco in the duty free shop?
Does anyone know if they sell Golden Virginia tobacco in the duty free store?
Restaurant closed in 2015.
Does anybody know if the shops after security sell sunscreen? Don't want to check a bag or bring a ton of 3 oz containers and was hoping to buy sunscreen after security