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how long does it take to walk from B6 to D6?
Time to walk from B6 to E38b
How do I get from B14 to E17? Looks like a far walk for an elderly person lugging a personal bag plus carry-on and needing to make connection in about 40 minutes.
How long from Terminal C, Gate 1 to Terminal B, Gate B6
How long will it take to walk from C6 to D5?
Dows anyone know how to arrange for a wheelchair or porter between gates for a disabled person?
Call your airline.
Does anyone know who to contact to arrange for transportation between gates for a physically disabled person? My father-in-Law will need a wheelchair or porter..
how long would it take to walk between gates C-19 to D-9. also, are there golf cars available for senior citizens?
5-10 minutes. Yes, if you have mobility issues you can request wheelchair assistance by calling your airline.
I've never flown through charlotte and I have about 45 minutes in between my flights tomorrow. I'm going to be traveling with a puppy and would love to know the most efficient/quickest way to get from gate E to B. Thanks!
Going from Terminal B gate 12 arrival to Cancun departure in Terminal D. Will I have to go through security again? If so, how much time should this take. It will be at 8:40 am. Thanks.
Charlotte only has one Terminal. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. It won't take more than 10 minutes.
Thanks, ZAP. Let me make sure I understand you. Charlotte lists different "terminals" in their airport. So these are just different wings? And to connect to an international departure from a domestic arrival doesn't require going through security?