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CLT Gate Connections DISCUSSION

how far is it from gate E27 to gate C8?
I am flying into CLT on American Airlines and have a short time between flights. How do I determine which gate the flight in coming into and which gate my flight to Phoenix will be? It looks like American has gates in Concourses ECDand B
Flight lands at 825am at E21. Flight leaves C19 at 924am. Will I make it?
My flight arrives at terminal D 9 and connector takes off 20 minutes later from A7. Am I going to make it?
Do all C concourse gates use jetways for boarding or are some still boarded from plane to ground stairs?
pretty sure that it is all jetways these days.
pretty sure that it is all jetways these days.
How far from C to E gates
How long does it take to get from terminal E21 to B7
Are all arriving & departure flights for American Airlines in the same terminal or will I have to walk to a different terminal?
How long take you to go from Terminal E12 to B16?
How long does it take to walk from B5 to C2? Thank you.