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CLT Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I'm flying from Albany to Atlanta via Charlotte, it's my first time flying to and out of Charlotte so I need to settle my nerves. My question is this
Is an hour and 5 minutes enough for a connection with American airlines? My flight arrives at 9:05pm and my Atlanta flight leaves at 10:10.
We will arrive at gate B-7 and have an hour until flight leaves gate e-12. Will senior couple be able to walk this in appropriate time?
is there a tram from terminal B to E
How long walk time between d-4 and e-14
Any transport assistance for elderly between concourse B and C
as above travel time betwee gates c-18 to c-13
Have a tight flight connection and want to know time I have to get from one gate to another.
What is the general walking time between Concourse E, Gate E38 and Concourse B, Gate B16 at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. We arrive at 6:46 am and have connecting flight at 7:29 am.
How long is walk between D9 and B12
How long does it take to get from C12 to E1?