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CLT Gate Connections DISCUSSION

We're looking at return flights from CUN - IND. One AA flight has us connection in CLT. We'd arrive on a Saturday around 2:45pm. Would 1 hour and 50 minutes be enough time to connect? Connection would also be AA.

Many thanks!
Arrive concourse D at 5:15pm. Connecting flight to concourse E at 6:15
What terminal are the International flights in
Still have not found out where the international flights are located

My plane lands at 3:25 at Gate C2. My next flight departs at 4:15 PM.
How long to get from Gate B8 to Gate D3? Only have 20 min and can't walk real fast.
How long to walk from C 13 to B 2?
How long does is take to go from gate E36 to C13
Have a connecting flight how long does it take to walk from E9 Gate to C16 gate?
After landing at Charlotte Airport (CLT) gate C-15 , do i go through security again to get to gate E-31?
which gates are used by american eagle and which by american