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CLT Gate Connections DISCUSSION

How long to get from E32 to terminal D11 on Charolette airport
how long will it take me to get from e-8 to d-11 I have 35 minutes
Where are customs and immigration located at Charlotte? How long can it take to clear? Will be arriving from AUA. American says arriving gat B11. Can't see anything like C&I on their terminal map.

Thanks all. :)
Arrival at gate E3
Departure at Gate B13
What is the distance and approx walk time?
How long does it take to get from E9 to A2? Is there a way other than walking?
How long does it take to get from c18 to b5. I have a late flight coming in and no more than 25 min to get there?
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How much time needed between gateD1 andE6
What is the walking distance and approximate time between Gate B8 and Gate E11? Is there transport within the airport to travel from B gates to E gates?
Have connecting flight how long does it take from B to E I have 49 minutes.
how far is it from gate E27 to gate C8?