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CLT Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Do we have to call for one or can we just hail one down. My wife is handicapped and will be in need of one later this month when we travel thru Charlotte.
Best idea is to either a) book the ticket saying she will need wheelchair assistance or
b) call the airline after you’ve booked the ticket and let them know you need assistance. That way you can get dooor-to-door wheels (not to mention get through security more quickly!)
How long does it take to get from gate E38 to gate B11. I land at 6:55 am and have a connecting flight that departs 7:40 am
How long does it take to get from gate B to gates E
How long does it take to get from C12 to E28? I have a 30 min layover
what is the walking time from gate E-18 and gate B-3
What are the gates used by PSA Airlines at CLT?
What is the travel time between Gate B8 and Gate E22
What is walking time between E-10 and C-18
What is the walking time from gate e29 to gate D11?
Is it possible to walk between terminals E and C, or will I need to take a shuttle/train? Any idea how quickly I can ride/walk from E31 to C6?