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I'm flying from LAX on September 26 and scheduled to arrive at 7:09pm - have connecting flight to MHT leaving at 7:45pm. Will there be enough time to get from arriving gate to departing gate?
Yes, that is just enough time if the first flight is on-time.
How long does it take to go through immigration and collect your bags ( wed 18 oct) travelling from Lhr connecting to Mco got 1hour 25 min layover.
That's just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
I am flying on Sept 25 to Orlando from Richmond. I only have 30 minutes between flights. Back problems so slow walking will I have enough time to make connections.
Does American Airlines use any one concourse? We have a 1 hour connection and my wife will be in a wheel chair. Don't know any gates as yet as we will not be flying until Oct 7. How long would it take from any one concourse to the farthest away. I hope I am making sense.
American and American Eagle use every concourse of the airport except concourse A. You can get between any two gates in 20 minutes, even with wheelchair service.
Thank you.
How long to walk from E9 gate to B6 gate
10-15 minutes.
Flying from New Orleans to London Heathrow via CLT, both on American Airlines. Arrive CLT (Concourse C) at 17.17 and depart at 18.15 (Concourse B)
1. I assume bags checked all the way through without having to collect at CLT. Is this correct?
2. Do I have to go through US immigration and security at CLT? If so how long on average does this take?
3. Is 58 minutes (assuming flight lands on time) long enough to get off plane, travel from concourse C to concourse B, do immigration/security and get on departing flight before the gate is closed?
Many thanks
Yes, you are correct, your bags will be checked through. There is no US Immigration or Customs when leaving the US. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Thanks Zap. Excellent service.
I am flying into gate C4 and out of D11. Is an hour enough time?
Yes, that should be plenty of time.
Have less than 45 minutes to get from C8 to B12. How long to get there? Am 82 and a slow walker. Can arrange for transportation? If so, how?
You can request wheelchair service by calling American. However, if you can walk, it's only a 5-10 minute walk.
Thanks so much
I will be coming to Charlotte and would appreciate being able to get to Hunterville on Rte. 77 on a CATS bus. Can you kindly tell me the procedure. Thank you very much.
flight 5461 to OKC on Oct. 12.....depart at 9:27 am....what terminal would I need to go to?
operated by PSA airlines as American Eagle? Thank you.
Charlotte only has one Terminal. Easy question.
Well of course I meant gate.....thanks anyhow
You don't find out your gate until the day of your flight.