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Does ATA at MDW have curbside luggage check-in? Any charge?
Correction - NOT ATA, I meant Air-Tran. Thanks!
That depends on the airline - contact AirTran.
I am writing because my wife's computer, backup drive, and a couple other items was stolen out of our packed baggage. The computer and the backup contained photos and videos that are irreplacable. This happened on Nov 20th, 2011.
If this was not bad enough, i cannot get the Lost and Found to even call me back to acknowledge if it was turned in or not. we were flying from Chicago to panama City and could not carry anything else with our two kids, two ipads, a stroller and four bags so we packed the laptop and drive that my wife wanted to work on organizing photos on while we were away for a week.
Southwest has done nothing. Midway has done less than nothing and the Police cannot do anything.
I am seriously considering never flying out of there again and making sure the whole world knows that they have thieves working there.
I know it was stolen but not to have anyone call you back after four attempts is ridiculous.
Never use this airport again.
I have replaced the computer but I can never replace the photos and memories on that and the drive.
Thank you social media and my 2000 facebook friends, twitter followers, my 1000 co-workers, and yelp followers for helping me spread the word on just how slimy this airport operates.
So because of one bad person, you trash the whole airport?
Seems to me maybe you should have pack your computer in one of your FOUR carry-ons like any normal person does. Plain and simple, if it's not replaceable, it doesn't go in checked luggage. That's just common sense.

Did you have TSA approved locks on your checked bags? Only a manager has the key to open those locks. I think that if you used a little common sense, you could have avoided this situation. ALSO, how are you so sure that the items were not stolen once you reached Panama City? That place is a bit dodgy. US airports have multiple cameras in the areas where bags are screened. Yes, there is a great deal of theft from checked baggage, but it it for the most part ALWAYS discovered and rectified. There is also this cool new thing called THE CLOUD, where you don't have to carry a cumbersome back-up drive.
LONG LONG LINES with SLOW SLOW security checks. If you are FLY BY get ready for long wait as well. Really bad airport for security check in process.
Does anyone know what the security lines are like at Chicago Midway on Monday mornings (early)? how much time should i give myself?