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How can I send cash to someone at the midway airport who is stranded without a penny?
I am flying in from Jamaica in July. I only have 1hour 40 min layover, is that going to be enough time?
Where do you go to exchange American dollars to British pounds at midway?
I have a cover on my suitcase when I checked my bag however when I went to pick it up, the cover was missing. There was a TSA Notice of Baggage Inspection in it. Not sure why TSA would keep it but how do I obtain it from them?
Is there a business center or a place to print a bus ticket at the airport? The buses will not accept the ticket on the iPhone.
Are check-in lines longer than one hour wait time?
No, check-in lines are never that long these days.
Picking up passenger at Midway Airport....should I pick up outside Arrivals - Baggage Claim since I don't want to park?
Left a metro pics bag with important papers at lost and found counter of Southwest baggage claim office please contact me 312 778 9938
This is not the airport or airline's website, so nobody will contact you because of this message.
How long is it to get through security at MDW for an early flight on Wednesday 7:20am? I have heard up to 2 hours. Can this be correct?
It's not that bad anymore, especially with precheck. I would still try to be there at least 90 minutes early though.
Everyone waits in one line now to get to the precheck lane. It was backed up to the CTA entrance; precheck, first class, business class, coach, didn't matter, we all waited together.
my daughter and I are arriving to Midway on two different flights, one domestic and one international. Where should we plan to meet inside the terminal? Neither of us has ever been to Midway airport.
You could meet on the lower level near the door to the taxi area. The arrivals level is not large.