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Are check-in lines longer than one hour wait time?
Picking up passenger at Midway Airport....should I pick up outside Arrivals - Baggage Claim since I don't want to park?
I am trying to figure out how/where to meet a passenger with a 2 hour layover. She is arriving on Sunday, September 24th on SW flight 4738 for Providence RI and leaving at 1:00 pm on SW 3748 to San Diego. Is there a good meeting point since I will not have a boarding and she will need to go back thru security.
Left a metro pics bag with important papers at lost and found counter of Southwest baggage claim office please contact me 312 778 9938
This is not the airport or airline's website, so nobody will contact you because of this message.
My older brother is flying by himself for the first time. He has a documented disability (Autism Spectrum) and I made sure to include this information when purchasing his flight. I am a frequent visitor of MDW and I know that getting from the terminal to the baggage claim area is pretty straight forward, however my brother gets overstimulated easily and isn't always capable of interacting with strangers. I would like to meet him at the gate. Is this even a possibility? If it helps, I am TSA precheck. Thank you for your time!
Also, I would like to figure out the best way to get him calmly to his gate for his return flight.
-Jae Peiso
How long is it to get through security at MDW for an early flight on Wednesday 7:20am? I have heard up to 2 hours. Can this be correct?
It's not that bad anymore, especially with precheck. I would still try to be there at least 90 minutes early though.
Everyone waits in one line now to get to the precheck lane. It was backed up to the CTA entrance; precheck, first class, business class, coach, didn't matter, we all waited together.
my daughter and I are arriving to Midway on two different flights, one domestic and one international. Where should we plan to meet inside the terminal? Neither of us has ever been to Midway airport.
You could meet on the lower level near the door to the taxi area. The arrivals level is not large.
I have a 7:45 pm departure on Sunday Oct 30th for a domestic flight iwth no bags to check. How early do I need to arrive at the airport?
I would get there at about 6 PM.
I fly in early morning and am meeting some friends 4 hours later to take a cab into the city together. How can I make sure my luggage stays in baggage claim until I pick it up? If I pick it up after my flight, then I'll have to spend these hours in baggage claim waiting for them.
There's nothing you can do. If you wait a few hours it will either be still on the belt (although your flight will no longer be on the monitor, so you'll have to check all 8 belts) or in the airline baggage office. Why don't you just take the CTA Orange Line into town when you arrive? It's faster than a taxi anyway.
I'm trying to find out if I can get a train direct from Midway airport to South Bend. Is it possible?
There are no direct trains. You have to take the CTA Orange Line to downtown Chicago then walk to Millenium Station to take the South Shore Line to South Bend. However, there is direct bus service from Midway to South Bend -